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Dies / Die Head valves

Dies/Die Head valve

The die head valve integrates a reactor discharge valve with a stranding die head, used in polyester and nylon polymerization processes, into one unit. Combining the two functions allows for a very compact package providing a short residence time and straight, smooth flow path from the reactor outlet nozzle to the die nozzle.

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Dies/Die Head valve Characteristic

  • Valve incorporates a seal plate to prevent air from deteriorating polymer remaining within the die head after the discharge valve is closed
  • Die head utilizes a distributor plate to ensure dead spase free flow, equal polymer distribution over die plate width, and equal residence time for each strand
  • All wetted parts are mirror finished
  • Die plate can be provided with custom strand holes or a slit design

To see Slide plate operation,click here! (MPEG data)

Available size

For another size, please ask us.
e-mail : info@bb-aska.co.jp
Nitrogen Extrusion 1200mm 20Kg/cm2
Gear Pump Extrusion 1200mm 200Kg/cm2

Variety of Products

[3D] : 3D Model, Photo : Large image available.

high pressure Die Head valve 200K-200/150
High pressure service
Die Head Valve
710mm width
Die Head valve 20K-100/80
Die Head Valve
710mm width
Die Head valve 300psi-4"
Die Head Valve
600mm width
Die Head valve 300psi-5"
Die Head Valve
Double cylinder
1000mm width
Die Head valve 20K-80/25A
Die Head Valve
Alminium casting heater
Die Head valve 20K-150/100A
Die Head Valve
600mm width [3D]